Identification Service

The Germany Philatelic Society offers members and non-members an identification service for stamps, postmarks, postmark city locations, rates, etc. This is NOT an expertization service nor will we supply an answer to any question of an item’s value. Our responses are only to inquiries of identification and are opinions that are not guaranteed and may be subject to change without notice.


Submissions will be allocated to GPS members or study groups specializing in the philatelic area involved for response directly to the person submitting the request.


A reasonable quantity of submissions by members are accepted gratis. Submissions, however, must indicate the member’s GPS membership number. Non-members’ submissions are restricted to one gratis submission; additional submissions are subject to a charge of US$ 5.00/each.



Any submission must have a photocopy of the postmark, cover or text enclosed with the submission by mail. Submissions by email should have the material attached as a jpg or pdf file.